By PR Newswire
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Xsolla (USA), Inc. is excited to announce its newest venture, the $30 million Xsolla Capital royalty investment fund, which will provide independent video game developers with much needed capital to complete their ..... [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Since we recently got the major upgrade for Minecraft in release 1.11, we thought it would be a good idea to create another worldmap filled with dungeons and all the latest creatures, items and surprises. And has luck would have it MCDungeon 1.7 is out and is compatible with Minecraft 1.11. Seems the stars were aligned! The result is an amazingly intense landscape with dungeons of all sizes and types, populated with monsters, traps, puzzles, rewards, magic items and more. [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Ok if you are like us, sometimes you really just want to play Minecraft in Hardcore Survival mode. Right? For those who don't know what that means, in Hardcore Mode when you die you're dead. No respawning. Gone. You have passed on. Six Feet Under. You been greased. Whacked. You get the idea. So here is a way to make that last horrible moment quite a bit further in the future. We call it The Hardcore Adventurers Chest. [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
So in Part 5 we bravely go outside after dark with our stone tools, looking for some spiders to kill to get string. Do we find spiders? You betcha! And zombies, and skeletons, and creepers. And more spiders. And we die. [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Ok in part 3 we finish making our stone tools, dig some sand, discover Coal, make glass for windows and Oh My God there are Creepers out there! [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
In this installment we find some stone and dig into a wall to make a basic shelter from creatures of the night (I HATE Creepers). We then craft a furnace and a stone pickaxe, make some torches and add a door. And then we peek outside at the night... [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Minecraft 1.9 has several new arrow types. One is called Spectral Arrows. In this segment we will show you how to craft them, and then demonstrate how they can be used against MOBs. [FULL STORY]

In this tutorial we will learn how to craft rail tracks, powered rail tracks, redstone lamps and a minecart. You just need gold, redstone, sticks and iron to make rail tracks and powered railways. With these you can create powered railway systems that can be used to travel long distances quickly. [FULL STORY]

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