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Paley GX Connects Visitors to Gaming Experiences from the Top Names in Gaming Including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC Gaming, and Oculus Virtual Reality   [FULL STORY]
By inewswire
League of Legends, a multiplayer video game set in an online battle arena from Riot Games, is considered as one of the most played PC game with a play time that is sign... [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
In this video we have a bit of fun by using the MC Dungeon map editor to create procedurally generated dungeons in a preexisting Minecraft map. We start off by creating a new Minecraft world, then we alter it with MCDungeon and add 25 massive, scary and widely varied dungeons. Each is filled with different themes, creatures, traps, puzzles, mazes and treasures. Fun to explore and find the treasures - if you can survive! [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Ok in this segment we just take a look at what you can build, what you can make and what you can 'mod'. We will go easy on the mod side because this is just an example of structures. Some built in survival mode, some built via schematics and some build via mods like MCDungeon. We will show you more advanced users how to do this later, but for now here is a quick view of what CAN be done! [FULL STORY]


As trade relations between China and US deteriorate, OEM manufacturers and their metal suppliers are caught in the middle. Who is affected first? [FULL STORY]

Who's effected? Recycling Equipment Manufacturers and Recycling Companies! For a closer look, let's review the equipment that will be affected. [FULL STORY]

Plastic processes differ greatly in both the way they form plastic products and in the shape and structural integrity of the products they manufacture. Plastic molding processes vary greatly in cost. High end plastic molding processes, such as rotational molding and injection molding, provide precision three dimensional plastic parts with structural integrity and impact resistance few other processes or materials can provide. On the other end of the spectrum, blow molding and dip molding processes offer very affordable options for long runs and mass production of containers and household commodity items. A wide range of plastic materials are molded through these processes, although some processes are more effective with certain polymers than others. [FULL STORY]

IQS, a global industrial manufacturers directory, has officially announced the availability of a Google Adwords 'Pay-Per-Click' (PPC) option as part their marketing program line-up with enhanced negative keyword coverage. IQS has offered annual programs since 2000 and now with the introduction of this PPC program as an additional marketing choice, IQS will be the first industrial directory and manufacturing search engine to offer both annual programs along with enhanced negative keyword coverage along with utilizing leading edge Wordstream technology. [FULL STORY]

Industrial Quick Search, Inc. and IQSDirectory have entered into a partnership agreement with YEXT which will let IQS efficiently manage your major online listings using the Yext platform. Yext provides an interface with over 100 directory publishers that allows immediate listings and updates to all properties. [FULL STORY]

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