Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Microsofts HoloLens Comes Into Focus
By IDG.TV Microsoft's HoloLens is now available to developers. The holographic computer has been highly praised, so what will developers make with it and what can it do? Blair Hanley Frank takes a closer look. ...Read More »

Minecraft on Oculus Rift is the best VR game to date
By IDG.TV Minecraft on HoloLens may be cool, but with Minecraft on Oculus Rift, you feel more like you stepped into the world. ...Read More »

Creating A Custom Dungeon Map World
By GamingCats In this video we have a bit of fun by using the MC Dungeon map editor to create procedurally generated dungeons in a preexisting Minecraft map. We start off by creating a new Minecraft world, then we alter it with MCDungeon and add 25 massive, scary and widely varied dungeons. Each is filled with different themes, creatures, traps, puzzles, mazes and treasures. Fun to explore and find the treasures - if you can survive! ...Read More »

That You Can Build, What You Can Add, Those You Can 'Mod'
By GamingCats Ok in this segment we just take a look at what you can build, what you can make and what you can 'mod'. We will go easy on the mod side because this is just an example of structures. Some built in survival mode, some built via schematics and some build via mods like MCDungeon. We will show you more advanced users how to do this later, but for now here is a quick view of what CAN be done! ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft A Bow
By GamingCats To create along distance weapon you can make a bow. This is made by combining 3 sticks and three pieces of string (found by killing spiders or found in abandoned mines). ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Mine Gravel For Flint
By GamingCats Ok Now that we have a bow we need arrows. To make arrows we need sticks, feathers and flint. And to get flint what do we do? We mine! We mine gravel specifically. Every time you dig up a block of gravel with your shovel there is a small chance you will find a flint instead. So find yourself a source of gravel. No worries its pretty common, just look around or dig down for a while and you will find some. ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft An Arrow
By GamingCats Ok now that we know how to make a bow lets craft some arrows to go with it. It's an easy craft to do. You just need a stick, a feather and a flint. We found flint by mining gravel, and you get features when you kill a chicken. Sticks are made from 2 wood planks. Easy! ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft A Fishing Rod
By GamingCats In this segment you will learn how to craft a fishing rod from sticks and string that you get from killing a spider. With a fishing rod you can always get food by fishing in water. Sometimes you also get exotic fish that are not used as food but can be used when making potions. And sometimes you can pull items out of the water that cannot be crafted such as a saddle or other special items. With a saddle you can domesticate horses and use them as high speed transportation. ...Read More »

Minecraft updated to V1.9!
By GamingCats Microsoft today released a Major update, Minecraft V1.9. Called the Combat Upgrade it has tons of new features we will be writing about soon. We counted over 2 dozen new things with variations of many of them! ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft A Compass
By GamingCats In this installment we will show you how to craft a compass in Minecraft. Compasses can be used to find your way back to your spawn point, or back to where you last slept. You create a compass from four bars of iron and one redstone. Redstone and iron can be found by mining down to 16 levels or more. ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft Books and Bookshelves
By GamingCats In this Minecraft tutorial we show you how to craft books, and then use them with planks to craft bookcases. Bookcases can be used with Enchantment Tables to increase the power and levels of enchantments you place on objects. You can also use Enchantment Tables to Enchant books, which can be saved and used later with the anvil to enchant objects. ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics - Craft A Bed
By GamingCats In this video we learn how to craft a bed. A bed is an important item because once crafted you can use it to sleep through the night and ignore the bad guys roaming outside your house. And once you sleep in it, if killed in Survival Mode you will respawn at that site - meaning your house or home spot. ...Read More »

Redstone Powered Railroad To Villages
By GamingCats Just for fun I wanted to show you a redstone powered rail car system I made for one of our worlds. It connects our house and farm with multiple villages that would take you about three days to walk to. While not a tutorial this video does show you some of the things you can build in Minecraft. And to make it even more fun this was done entirely in Survival Mode on the Hard Difficulty setting. That certainly makes it more challenging but increases the fun level! ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics 1.3 - Mining for Iron and Making Iron Tools
By GamingCats So we have just settled down for the first night in our hole in the hill. Outside in the dark we can hear the sounds of zombies and skeletons. So while we wait until sunrise we will start our first mine, looking for iron, coal and whatever else we can find. ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics 1.1 - Stone Age Tools
By GamingCats Once you have wood tools you need to quickly use these to create stone tools. Stone tools are more durable, work faster and in terms of defense inflict more damage on zombies, skeletons, creepers and other ugly, bad, night creatures. So in this segment we use the wooden tools we made last time to create stone tools, plus we will craft a furnace that we can use to make charcoal. With charcoal and sticks we can make torches. And we will need the furnance to cook food, which we will soon need very badly! ...Read More »

Minecraft Basic 1.0 - First actions in Survival Mode is to make wooden tools
By GamingCats If you are new to Minecraft and have just started your first Survival Mode game, once your world is created the very first thing to do is create basic tools. These will need to be made of wood, so you will need to find a tree, 'chop' it down wooden block by block with your hand, and then use that wood to make Wooden Planks. With planks you can make a Crafting table, and from there make sticks to use with planks to create a sword, axe, pickaxe and shovel. With these you have the basic tools for creating more advanced tools from first stone and then iron, building a shelter or house, getting food, defending yourself from monsters and of course for mining for more resources. ...Read More »

Minecraft Basics 1.2 - Getting Food and the First Nights Shelter
By GamingCats Once we have a decent set of stone tools we need to start thinking about finding food, and somewhere to stay over the night. Because as soon as the sun goes down out comes the monsters. Zombies. Skeletons with bows and arrows. Nasty Creepers who silently slink up behind you and blow up themselves, you and everything around you. Some players try to do it all on their first day - build wooden tools, get stone and make stone tools, find food and build a nice house. Usually that results in you ending up died and re-spawning somewhere, with the loss of all you have done so far. ...Read More »

2016 Game Developers Choice Awards Honoring Minecraft Creator Markus "Notch" Persson With Pioneer Award, Experimental Indie Developer Tracy Fullerton With Ambassador Award
February 16, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The 16th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA), the peer-awarded highest honors in video game development, has revealed this year's recipients of the Pioneer and Ambassador awards. The Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday, Ma..... ...Read More »

Emagination Computer Camps Moves to Georgia Tech
January 26, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) January 26, 2016

...Read More »


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