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Death & Rebirth (and more death again...)
Part 5 of the Introduction To Minecraft Series

So in Part 5 we bravely go outside after dark with our stone tools, looking for some spiders to kill to get string. Do we find spiders? You betcha! And zombies, and skeletons, and creepers. And more spiders. And we die.   [FULL STORY]
By PR Newswire
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The 16th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA), the peer-awarded highest honors in video game development, has revealed this year's recipients of the Pioneer and Ambassador awards. The Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony takes place on Wednesday, Ma..... [FULL STORY]

Grokcraft, an education startup, uses Minecraft to help kids engage in playful social-emotional learning (SEL). "We believe that in free play, children & adults can learn mindfulness, empathy & other social skills.” SEL has core competencies children need to master. Staff members will not be doing therapy but partner with schools & agencies if requested to provide children with extracurricular activities to foster SEL. “We’re hoping people have so much fun they forget about the learning part.” [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
Ok in part 3 we finish making our stone tools, dig some sand, discover Coal, make glass for windows and Oh My God there are Creepers out there! [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
In this installment we find some stone and dig into a wall to make a basic shelter from creatures of the night (I HATE Creepers). We then craft a furnace and a stone pickaxe, make some torches and add a door. And then we peek outside at the night... [FULL STORY]

In this tutorial we will learn how to craft rail tracks, powered rail tracks, redstone lamps and a minecart. You just need gold, redstone, sticks and iron to make rail tracks and powered railways. With these you can create powered railway systems that can be used to travel long distances quickly. [FULL STORY]

By GamingCats
I wanted to see how far we could go in creating a Minecraft worldmap that had dungeons, treasure hunts and multiple locations. The result is what you see here - Adventureland! I found a great town called Meridor that has libraries, furnished buildings, storage rooms. gardens, villagers to trade with, livestock, anvils, enchantment tables and potion tables and much more. The world has over 70 Dungeons, plus over 70 Extra Treasure Hunts with MOB spawners. This is Battleground Central for Minecraft players! [FULL STORY]

Just for fun we recorded this expedition into a dungeon in Minecraft 1.9. The map had been modified with MCDungeon, so we were expecting trouble. On the very first level (in Survival Hard Mode) we found a cell block that contained zombies, spiders and skeletons. It was a real battle to survive, fast paced and pretty intense. This segment shows that in Minecraft 1.9 the skeletons are much more aggressive and better fighters, hiding, dodging and jumping out at you. [FULL STORY]

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